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We are a major manufacturer of engineering products that we deliver to our customers not only from the Slovak Republic, but also from European and other countries around the world. We want to offer customers products and services with high utility value. 

The management of the organization is aware of the trends in customer requirements for the supply of products and services in the required quality, agreed date, quantity and at competitive prices with a positive approach to the  environment. To fulfill these requirements, a quality and environmental management system is in place. This is announced by the management of the organization


which will ensure our continued viability through policies in the following areas:

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To build long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations with customers.

Deliver the ordered quantity on the agreed date and in the required quality.

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To build long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations with suppliers.

Conduct transparent selection procedures.

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Support the development of employees' awareness and ability to apply the requirements of the integrated system to achieve a high level of work quality.

To protect the health of workers and prevent accidents through effective prevention.

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Technologies and infrastructure

Actively support the introduction of new technologies that will benefit customers and our organization.

Optimize the logistical flows of materials and products in the organization.

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Environment and stakeholders

Actively cooperate with state authorities, organizations and self-government bodies that operate within the reach of the organization.

Participate in sponsoring public benefit activities within the scope of the organization.

To reduce the risks of environmental aspects of the environment.

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The management of the company undertakes to comply with the above-mentioned principles and:

Observe work safety, social responsibility and business ethics.

Fulfill the requirements of all, for the organization of binding, laws and legal regulations.

Constantly improve the integrated quality and environment management system.

Develop internal and external communication to address stakeholder issues.

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