ŠVECGROUP is a group of four corporations and the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre, with ŠVEC a SPOL, s.r.o. being the founder. KOVMECH, s.r.o. is also a member, specialising in the manufacture of pressed metal parts using press tools manufactured by ŠVEC a SPOL’s tool shop. The synergy also works with NOTUS-POWERSONIC s.r.o., with our company manufacturing the sheet-metal parts needed for the production of ultrasonic devices. Another enterprise in the Group is MAVIS s.r.o. which focuses on the production and development of automated workstations. The innovations and their transition into the business environment are covered by the INOVATO centre.

A group of Slovak companies with more than 26 years of tradition and experience, operating in Vráble

ŠVEC GROUP was established on the basis of the company ŠVEC a SPOL, s.r.o. at the end of 2019, owned by Ľubomír Švec.

Reliable and flexilble partner for the automotive, engineering, construction, electrical, food and other industries.


Design and production of stamping tools - Toolshop
Innovations and networking
Production of welding and machining components
Development and production of automated workplaces
Development and production of ultrasonic applications
Production and assembly of the sheet-metal assemblies
Production and assembly of automated lines
Production from stainless steel and aluminum
Production of stamping parts
Production of prototypes
Production and development of typewriters for the blids
Production of disinfection equipments
Design sheets and products

ŠVEC a SPOL, s.r.o. was estblished


Our company entered the automotive market


We expanded our production portfolio and started to produce steel structures in our plant in Nitra, Slovakia 


INOVATO Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre was founded



NOTUS POWERSONIC, s.r.o was established


Kovmech, s.r.o. was established


Our company joined the dual education system


ŠVEC a SPOL, s.r.o. became a member of the newly-formed ŠVEC GROUP. The company MAVIS, s,r,o, joined the Group.



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